Contrast has the expertise and experience to analyze your paint finishing and fluid handling process and design the optimum solution to fit your needs – from the beginning of the production line until the product goes out the door.

As a full service provider, we offer in-house training to help our customers improve their finishing processes, like powder coating and liquid applications. 

We can also teach your people how to inspect the quality of your products after the finishing process has been completed, and provide advice how to get the most out of your products and systems. These sessions are hands-on seminars usually conducted in our lab. 

On-site maintenance and operator training is also available for the products we carry and the systems we install.


Finishing Line & Paint Booth Evaluations

We can analyze your finishing process from start to finish and provide recommendations for improving quality and reducing cost. Recommendations can include products, systems, processes, best practices and more. We work hand-in-hand with you and provide recommendations based on business needs and your overall goals. 

Emissions Compliance

Trust Contrast to reduce mandatory reporting and improve your EPA rating. We keep up with EPA emissions regulations and can offer advice specific to your company. Let us solve your problems and start saving your company time and money today!

Are you ready to consult a fluid & finishing expert?

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