Schenck Process Case Study

Schenck Process Turned To Contrast Equipment To Help Overhaul Liquid-Paint Operation

Schenck Process, based in Sabetha, Kansas, continues to leverage technology in its “Lean” journey to improve its operation. The firm designs and produces close tolerance dry-powder pneumatic conveying, weighing, feeding and dust collection systems for industries worldwide.


With over 40 years of research and development, Schenck Process has developed some of the industry’s most advanced products and technologies (which include hundreds of patents). The Sabetha facility is an integration of Mac Process under the Schenck Process Group.


This 130,000-sq.-ft. facility’s 250 employees provide engineering, design, machining, fabrication, finishing and assembly. The company is 5 years into its Lean Process and has been going through each operation and department and improving processes, upgrading equipment, leveraging technology and eliminating waste.


One of the most recent examples is the overhauling of its liquid-paint operation. The area had been identified as a “bottleneck” in the overall throughput of the plant as there was one paint booth and the paint had to “air dry” before moving/assembly.


The local temperature and humidity variances could make this process very unpredictable. As Dwight Edelman, executive director of operations and 29-year company veteran, explained, “We worked with Bob Borman and the crew at Contrast Equipment to review our entire finishing process to see how we could improve it and eliminate waste.”


The resulting configuration now includes a shot-blast booth (20’ x 20’ x 70’), two Kayco paint booths (a 22’ x 20’ x 70’ with drive thru doors and down draft air flow & a 20’ x 18’ x 40’ with side draft air flow) with spraycure systems that heat the booths to over 130 degrees for complete curing of the paint in a few hours.


Also included is a Graco paint system that includes electronic proportioning equipment that automatically mixes the paint and catalyst which reduces waste and saves time. Graco paint guns

finish out the system. The entire system is laid out to be adjacent to the assembly/shipping area to optimize the workflow of the plant.


“We have been very pleased with the results of Contrast’s paint operation overhaul,” noted Edelman.

Our throughput, turnaround and waste have all improved dramatically. They are great folks to work with.”


Schenck Process can be contacted at: 810 Old Hwy 75, Sabetha, Kansas 66534 or

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